Episode 3: Loot Simulator 2015

This week on Two Shades of Brown: We talk about the video games in our lives and how video game music influences the gamer experience. Cristian goes off on a expected tangent about the Destiny skinner box and Sadiq fanboys over a game series he hasn’t actually played.


Episode 2: Desktops are exciting again

This week on two shades of brown: We talk about Windows 10 instead of Assassins Creed, sorry. Sadiq realizes he might move off of thunderbird, Cristian goes off on another tangent, and so much more.


Windows 10 Review: The Verge

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Episode 1: Not to sound like a valley egghead…

This week on two shades of brown, we get off to a weird start, yell at each other about #brands, and Sadiq realizes he hates Google Chrome.


Show Notes:

Facebook Instant Articles

John Gruber: Content Blockers and iMore

Federico Viticci on Twitter

The Verge Web Sucks

The Mobile Web Sucks

Declaring Performance Bankruptcy