Episode 39: Death By Microtransaction

This week on Shades Of Brown we talk about the latest drama over iPhone review units and microtransactions in video games.

Show Notes:

Various Links About The iPhone Drama:

Loot Boxes in Video Games:


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Episode 38: Burn in, Burn out

This week on Shades Of Brown, we’re discussing all of Microsoft’s Fall OS releases. We also discuss the latest Google Pixel Drama and the Surface Book 2. Plus Cristian has an iPhone 8 and talks about their experience with it.

Show Notes:

Microsoft OS Releases:

Google Things:


  • iPhone 8 Review

Episode 37: B2B

This week on Shades Of Brown, we talk about AIM being shut down, Groove Music also being shut down, and an unreleased released Windows Phone device. We also discuss Microsoft Mixed Reality on Windows 10 and Edge for iOS and Android. Plus a bit on controlling notifications.

Show Notes:


Episode 35: Sadiq versus the Pixelbook

This week on Shades Of Brown we talk about Destiny 2 and the huge Google Pixel Event Leak. Plus Cristian reviews Oreos again.

Show Notes:

  • Destiny 2
    • What do we think?
      • Story/Campaign
      • Visual design
      • Mechanical design
      • Memorable characters
        • Failsafe!
        • Actual character development!
      • Monetisation model (Silver, shaders)

Google Pixel Leak:


Episode 34: 2017, What A Year?

This week on Shades Of Brown, we talk about the September Apple Event.

Show Notes:

Keynote video

Episode 33: Another One

This week, we do a follow up segment on Android Oreo. We also talk about the announcement of a brand new Android One phone. Cristian reviews another Oreo. We discuss tips and tricks for figuring out if a particular tech news/video is just marketing fluff or an actual informative piece of content.

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Episode 32: The Crunch Quality

This week on Shades Of Brown, we talk about the next iPhone event, the new Youtube design, ARCore and the LG V30. Also: Cristian reviews Oreos.

Show Notes:

Episode 31: Enough With The Puns

This week on Shades Of Brown, we discuss the Xbox One X launch, Android Oreo, the Essential Phone, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Plus a sidebar on the best Oreos and Airpods.

Show Notes:

Episode 30: Memory Lane

This week on Shades Of Brown, we take a trip through memory lane and talk about our collective experiences with old Linux distributions and Chromebooks.

Show Notes: