Episode 10: The Big Kahunas

Season 2, Episode 10. Yes, that is how we roll. We are back after an extended period to discuss the two big events that happened recently. E3, where we get over hyped for games that are never as good as presented and WWDC where..actually never mind, stuff there is usually pretty decent.

E3 press conferences:

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Episode 9: CryptoWars 2.0

In this week’s episode, we talk about a lot of culture and the trends in the music industry, Sadiq rants about broken PC games more than he probably should and we all revisit the world of dystopia with the Apple vs. FBI issue.

Things we talked about in the episode:

Apple vs. FBI:

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Episode 6: Fedoras are back

In today’s episode we talk about the big three (Apple, Google, Microsoft), silicon lotteries, and Sadiq is way too hyped by a DJ Premier beat.



Episode 5: Not A Hideo Kojima game

In today’s episode we talk about MGS5 and its fanservice, Cristian goes all fanboy over Taken King, and Sadiq actually read an entire iOS 9 review. We also roll our eyes at the silliness of ad block Twitter.



Episode 3: Loot Simulator 2015

This week on Two Shades of Brown: We talk about the video games in our lives and how video game music influences the gamer experience. Cristian goes off on a expected tangent about the Destiny skinner box and Sadiq fanboys over a game series he hasn’t actually played.