Episode 4: Literally A #Shitpost

This week on the show we discuss poetry, IFA is happening, plus we pick at a bunch of low hanging fruit. Cristian also realizes that he has the best eyebrows in the game. Sadiq sucks at Hotline Miami 2. Next week, the Stipes Corporation takes over!



A Poem:

He is a boy of meat

But not an ordinary boy of meat

For he is


He runs

He walljumps

That’s about it

As he is challenged

Again and again

He sighs

And dies like way to many times 4 realz

– Eli Gukovsky

Episode 2: Desktops are exciting again

This week on two shades of brown: We talk about Windows 10 instead of Assassins Creed, sorry. Sadiq realizes he might move off of thunderbird, Cristian goes off on another tangent, and so much more.


Windows 10 Review: The Verge

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Episode 1: Not to sound like a valley egghead…

This week on two shades of brown, we get off to a weird start, yell at each other about #brands, and Sadiq realizes he hates Google Chrome.


Show Notes:

Facebook Instant Articles

John Gruber: Content Blockers and iMore

Federico Viticci on Twitter

The Verge Web Sucks

The Mobile Web Sucks

Declaring Performance Bankruptcy