Meta Level Marketing Scheme

Nintendo Switch Ethernet, Space, Smart Homes, HomePods, App Store Pricing, and Halo. It’s been a slow news week.

Editors Note: We were not joking when we said shades of brown dot com is an adult site, open it at your own risk.

Show Notes:

00:02:06 – Sadiq Gave Nintendo Money

00:11:00 – Sadiq Talks About Space

00:13:39 – Insteon Shutting Down

00:25:11 – #chosawasright

00:33:07 – Meta’s Monetization Schemes

00:44:43 – Halo Infinite / TV Show Follow Up


  • Sadiq gave Nintendo money, let’s examine why

NASA Perseverance Rovers gets solar eclipse on Mars

Smart Home Wife Guy Shuts Down:


Meta Level Marketing (MLM) Scheme:

Halo Infinite-ly Boring:


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