Episode 132: You Don’t Want To Be Explaining Federation Policy When You’re Trying To Organize

An objective look at how free culture has failed to bring upon meaningful change to marginalized folks, a discussion of great Black albums, and we then try to escape to bizarro Final Fantasy land.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – The Failure Of Open Technology During The BLM Protests
00:29:54 – Backxwash – God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It
00:33:09 – RTJ4
00:45:03 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A long list of Black Artists so white people on the timeline can shut the fuck up about not having media to consume thats not problematic:

Open Source’s Failure To Matter In Meaningful Ways Outside Of Helping Businesses Not Pay for Dev Work:

Specific Albums:

We try to talk about games:

  • Final Fantasy 7 Re:Make Spoiler Zone

Even more places to give your money to:


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