Episode 128: Recognized Freedoms Under The Republic Of Gamers Charter

Intel’s node process is lackluster, ICANN like most American organizations wants to sell out to the highest bidder, and we use recent gaming stories to trash gamer culture*.

*There are mentions of machine learning as maybe as useful utility here, please be nice and know that 127 episodes of this show has proven us to not be hacker news bros and give us some nuance if you can.

Show Notes:

00:01:22 – Intel 10th Gen Chips For Desktop
00:12:14 – ICANN .org Drama
00:23:48 – The Last Of Us Part 2 Leaks / Spoiler Culture
00:39:38 – Toxicity In The Destiny Community / Cheating
00:50:03 – Toxicity In Valorant



Lol Google:

Google Pixel 4a Camera Review shows the 2020 Pixel’s Camera Quality

Gamers are bad and big game studios are bad too


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