Episode 121: If We Grab Our Dongles, We Can Have A LAN Party

343 drops Halo CE for the Master Chief Collection, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo drops, publishers are dropping GeForce Now, and Sadiq finally drops his anti-Mac Pro agenda.

*There are no chapters or metadata embedded in this weeks file due to a crashing bug with the software used to master the episode. Apologies about that and hopefully it will be fixed for next weeks episode!

Show Notes:

00:00:35 – Halo CE Comes Out On MCC!
00:24:51 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo
00:38:22 – Publishers Removing Games From GeForce Now
00:49:41 – Mac Pro

Halo CE Anniversary release on PC MCC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo

GeForce Now:

Mac Pro


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