Episode 118: More Resolution To Smooth Out

Microsoft finally gives us more info on Windows 10X, we examine predatory coding schools, Sadiq finally pivots away from analog books, and Samsung goes full hypebeast at Samsung Unpacked 2020.

Show Notes:

00:00:34 – Windows 10X
00:22:35 – Coding Bootcamps
00:42:19 – Sadiq Got An Ebook Reader!
00:52:58 – Samsung Unpacked

Windows 10X:

Code bootcamps and ISAs:

UPDATE: Per this NyMag Piece we made an error when saying Lambda school would take funds even if you worked a low paying job.

Lambda is also unusual in that it does not charge an upfront tuition to attend. Its home page proclaims, “We don’t get paid until you do, so we’re in this together, from your first day of classes to your first day on the job.” Lambda School is free, but with an asterisk: To attend, you sign a contract that says that if you get a tech job paying $50K or more, you have to pay 17 percent of your pre-tax income to Lambda School for two years, or until you pay back $30K, whichever comes first. These are called Income Share Agreements, or ISAs.

So while this is still trash, you can safely stay poor and only get ruined if you actually make a living wage!

Sadiq’s new ebook reader:

Samsung Galaxy S20:

A book recommendation by Sadiq:


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