Episode 36: Bread Of Our Talents

This week on Shades Of Brown, we talk about every OS Apple has released this year. tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS are all discussed in depth. Strap in, we go long.

Show Notes:

  • tvOS 11
    • New Javascript based apps.
    • Updated TV app is actually very good.
  • macOS
    • macOS High Sierra Review: A Modern Snow Leopard?
    • Metal 2.
    • APFS is interesting but not a huge user facing feature.
    • Photos: slight redesign, facial scanning now syncs
    • Safari: some new webRTC changes, Privacy tweaks.
    • Fast, Smooth, and a snappy update.
  • watchOS 4
    • Under the Radar talking about watchOS development
    • New UI which takes inspiration from a vertical ticker metaphor
    • Apps automatically open when they’re open on the phone.
    • New music app is interesting, it defaults to watch playback instead of being a remote for your phone.
    • Apple music streaming should be available soon but isn’t here at launch.
    • Watch predicts what music you want to listen to and automatically downloads to your watch when charging.
    • New vertical app list is GOOD.
    • It’s faster, even on the Series 0 though battery life is starting to fall off.
  • iOS 11
    • MacStories Review
    • Ars Technica review
    • The end of 32-bit apps.
    • Design tweaks, animations, and other UI stuff.
    • Lock screen and Notification Center.
    • The new Control Center.
    • SiriKit.
    • Settings changes.
    • Emergency SOS.
    • No more (special) social integration.
    • Apps: Files, the iOS file manager.
    • App Store.
    • Messages, iMessage Apps, and person-to-person Apple Pay.
    • Apple News.
    • Under the hood: HEIF and HEVC, the image formats of the future.
    • The Podcasts app.