Episode 39: Death By Microtransaction

This week on Shades Of Brown we talk about the latest drama over iPhone review units and microtransactions in video games.

Show Notes:

Various Links About The iPhone Drama:

Loot Boxes in Video Games:


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Episode 38: Burn in, Burn out

This week on Shades Of Brown, we’re discussing all of Microsoft’s Fall OS releases. We also discuss the latest Google Pixel Drama and the Surface Book 2. Plus Cristian has an iPhone 8 and talks about their experience with it.

Show Notes:

Microsoft OS Releases:

Google Things:


  • iPhone 8 Review

Episode 37: B2B

This week on Shades Of Brown, we talk about AIM being shut down, Groove Music also being shut down, and an unreleased released Windows Phone device. We also discuss Microsoft Mixed Reality on Windows 10 and Edge for iOS and Android. Plus a bit on controlling notifications.

Show Notes: