Episode 20: Tim said so

This week is a lot of pre-WWDC chatter, predictions, wishful thinking, you name it.

Show notes:

Pre-WWDC talk, predictions, wish lists:

  • Swift
    • Just OSS things
  • iOS
    • Lots of iPad stuff
    • Finder for iOS
    • Mail.app, smart inboxes?
    • More apps looking music and news
    • Safari
      • Progressive web apps
      • Redesign?
    • Podcast app redesign
    • iMessage apps
      • Digital Touch is bad, remove it Apple
  • macOS
    • App store improvements?
    • APFS for sure
    • Time machine?
    • Breaking up iTunes
    • Redesign utilities?
  • watchOS
    • Hopefully home screen redesign?
    • More API support, making apps is really limited here
    • Sleep tracking
    • More iPhone independence
  • Maybe tvOS
    • Just launch a skinny bundle and maybe 4K support?
    • Improve simple sign on
    • A better TV app?
    • Multitask switcher is not great
  • Maybe Siri speaker
    • Will it have a screen?